About the Conference

The production and use of drugs is a plural phenomenon, with multiple manifestations according to the moment in history, the culture, the economic and general situation of a country, the diverse meanings assigned by people and the differences between the substances. However, many choose to homogenize the “problem of drugs” as if it were solely one unique phenomenon: timeless and without history.

In the last 100 years, this theme has been transformed into a “social question,” while many different participants, including the State, have contributed to its construction as a social problem.

The policies of drug control express tension, contradictions and conflicts concerning the way to regulate their production and consumption. From this point, local and international debates have developed on this issue.

In the context of our country, of social inequality, of disparities in income and poverty, these debates cannot ignore the consequences of these drug control policies, which include: social isolation, disproportionate incarceration of drug users and drug mules, social violence, environmental damage and violation of basic human rights.

Started in 2003, the National Conference on Drug Policy has become a platform for discussion and elaboration on proposed improvements or amendments.